The facts:

Four-piece rock band based in New York City. The core line-up of James Burke (bass, vocals), Keith Campbell (guitar, vocals), Will Croxton (guitar, vocals), and James Renard (drums) formed in August of 1992 and released three albums on indie-label Big Deal. James Renard left the band in the fall of 1997 while the rest continued and played some shows with drummer Jeff Kilgour.

The final cd Ego Park was released in the summer of 1997. The last official release was the all too prophetic track "Make It Easy On Yourself" on the Big Deal compilation What the World Needs Now, a compilation of Burt Bacharach covers. It's a great track. If you want a copy, do the band a favor--buy it used or steal it.

Also look for Gravity Rocks, and Downer's Pharmacy. You can access Idle’s not exactly exhaustive list of live dates from 1992 through 1999 and peruse Will's tour diary from their final 1997 tour.

Idle released two singles, 1993's Crack b/w Several Blues on drive.records and 96's Radio Kill EP featuring the title track plus "Quentin's Theme", "Tuber" and an early version of Ego Park's "Record Store Girl" on Snap! Records.

The cds are currently out-of-print due to Big Deal's tragically sad demise. So whatever's out there now is it. Plans are being developed to buy them directly from this site. Contact us if you're interested.

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