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The Foundations

The Outsets

Drivin & Cryin

Matthew Sweet

Richard Hell & The Voidoids
w/Nick Lowe

I Don't Wanna Be a Boy (film)

Health & Happiness


Richard Barone
The Clash


Sandra Bernhart

Africa Bambatta

Jeremy Toback

The Lovelies


Cold Crush

Fred Schneider (B 52's)


sound design
Designed sound systems for the theatrical productions, many of them musicals.

SANDRA BERNHARD Without You I'm Nothing
off broadway play

Ivan Julian's musical career spans over two decades, much of that time spent in studios in New York, L.A. and London. He has worked with such producers as Nick Lowe, Brendon O'Brian, Richard Gotterher, Craig Street, and Richard Dashut to name a few. Always instrumental in the recording aspect of whatever project he has been associated with. Ivan brings to the project not only the technical knowledge of the control room but a musical insight that has earned him the reputation as a top notch guitarist. As you can see from the list above, many of these projects have done very well.

Over the past five years he has lent his talents to Matthew Sweet for both live, T.V. and recordings as a lead guitarist. Needless to say, this makes him very familiar with guitar-oriented pop sound and the recording of such.

At The American Stage Company he was responsible for designing sound systems and tape machines necessary for the critical sound ques of theatrical productions. Amongst these was the preview of "Other Peoples Money" which ran on Broadway and became a feature length Motion Picture starring Danny Devito.

When Sandra Bernhard was developing her off-Broadway hit "Without You I'm Nothing" she utilized Ivan's midi programming skills for the musical portion of the play.

Ivan is currently in the studio with the band IDLE doing pre-production for their up coming CD.